2nd IndicThreads Conference On Cloud Computing

The 2nd IndicThreads.com Conference On Upcoming technology was held on 3-4June 2011 in Pune, India. The upcoming technology for 2011 was Cloud Computing. The conference is a vendor-independent event.

Sessions at the conference dealt with key topics like Cloud Security, Amazon Elastic Beanstalk, Legal Issues in Cloud Computing, OpenStack, Xen Cloud Platform, Rails and CouchDB on the cloud, CloudFoundry, Gigapaces PAAS, Monitoring Cloud Applications, ORM with Objectify-Appengine, Scalable Architecture on Amazon AWS Cloud, Cloud Lock-in, Cloud Interoperability, Apache Hadoop, Map Reduce and Predictive Analysis

IndicThreads is one of India’s leading tech+media brands and has been successfully running the online magazine IndicThreads.com & hosting some of India’s finest independent technology conferences.

Click for Presentations at the Cloud Computing Conference 2011 (You should also see a Slideshare widget below with presentations from the conference. If not, in all probability that’s cause a firewall is blocking the Slideshare website.)

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