Scalable Architecture on Amazon AWS Cloud

“With increasing demand, ever-growing datasets, unpredictable traffic patterns and need for faster response times, “scalable architecture” has become a necessity. Here, we will see how the traditional concepts and best practices for scalability have to be adopted for the cloud. Further, we will go through the unique advantages that Amazon AWS cloud offers for architecting scalable applications. As an architect, you need to identify the components and bottlenecks in your architecture and modify your application to leverage the underlying scalability.

We will cover the following topics:

  1. Scalability principles for the cloud
  2. Leveraging AWS services for application components
  3. Shared nothing architecture
  4. Asynchronous work queues for loosely coupled applications
  5. Database scalability
  6. Tools, connectors and enablers to help build, deploy and monitor your cloud environment
  7. Scalability using Platform-as-a-Service offerings on top of AWS
  8. An example of a horizontally scalable architecture for an enterprise application on Amazon AWS

This talk will act as a primer for a cloud architect to achieve an auto-scalable, highly available, fully-monitored edge-cached application.”


Cloud Computing Conference SpeakerKalpak Shah is the Founder & CEO of Clogeny Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and guides the overall strategic direction of the company. Clogeny is focused on niche software and product development in cloud computing and scalable applications domains. He is passionate about the ground-breaking economics and technology afforded by the cloud computing platforms. He has been leading and architecting cutting-edge product development across the cloud stack including IaaS, PaaS and SaaS vendors.

He has previously worked at organizations like Sun Microsystems and Symantec in the storage domain primarily distributed and disk filesystems. Kalpak has a Bachelors’ of Engineering degree in computer engineering from PICT, University of Pune.

Kalpak Shah will be presenting on “Scalable Architecture on Amazon AWS Cloud” at the 2nd Annual Conference On Cloud Computing to be held in Pune, India on 3,4 June 2011.Click here for a list of other Speakers & Sessions @ The Conference

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