Easy ORM-ness with Objectify-Appengine

There are many persistence frameworks on Google App Engine. Google has its low-level datastore API, then there are standards based frameworks like JPA and there are more frameworks like Objectify-Appengine specifically for Google App Engine. Managing persistence is still a challenge. With so many options, we face the dilemma of choosing right framework for the application we are building.

Objectify-Appengine extends the convenience of NoSql by providing a Hibernate-style mapping layer between your application and GAE datastore. In this session I will cover handling persistence on Google App Engine with Objectify-Appengine. At one hand Google datastore API is low level and at the other there are standard based frameworks like JPA/JDO. Objectify-Appengine tries to hit the sweet spot between the two.

Takeaways for the Audience
Audience will see the capabilities of Objectify-Appengine and how can they leverage it to manage persistence on Google App Engine. The best practises to be followed when using Objectify, and demo of an application built on Objectify-Appengine.


Cloud Computing Conference SpeakerMeetu Maltiar is a Senior Consultant at Inphina. In his six year experience he has worked as Software developer, Knowledge Manager and as a Mentor. He is passionate about technology and has experience in product development as well as services. He has experience on Google App Engine and has migrated existing applications to cloud and he has also worked on Green-field projects. He likes to invest his time in exploring upcoming languages like Scala and technology frameworks like GridGain, Esper and Hadoop and extensively blogs about them.

Meetu Maltiar will be presenting on “Easy ORM-ness with Objectify-Appengine” at the 2nd Annual IndicThreads.com Conference On Cloud Computing to be held in Pune, India on 3,4 June 2011.Click here for a list of other Speakers & Sessions @ The Conference

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